The Journey Begins

Good Afternoon, 

It’s raining today! My favorite weather, I’ve spent most of the day inside with Archer (my beautifully staffy cross fur baby)  cuddled up reading a book! Currently I am reading Harry Potter and the goblet of fire! Yes I know I am late to the party! But reading them so far has been amazing! In my defense i did watch all the movies growing up though, and would have the philosopher stone on repeat! 

Let me introduce myself, I’m Ashleigh, I am passionate about health and life, and have started along my own journey of learning more about the body, losing weight, gut health, eating for energy and being in the best vital condition for a full life. 

I used to be super obsessed with make up and was a huge product junkie (which i still can be) but i have taken a more minimal approach with donating two whole boxes of make up and products to my other family members, i embraced on a journey of going toxic free and have started using all natural and mostly certified organic products.  I also swapped in my foundation, for a mineral powder which has been an amazing benefit for my skin and it’s slowly getting better even though, my nose is still bright red like Rudolph’s!

I have also for the most part given up Netflix, Picked up more books, and started spending more time outside in the sun and nature. Did you know the sun is a natural anti depressant? I have been someone who has suffered from depression episodes from back in my teenage years, and just spent the last couple of years with crippling anxiety, Over the past 6 months, I have been able to get a manage on this, But i am still learning every single day. 

I also have suffered from recurring bladder infections, Lots of digestive upsets and been diagnosed with Graves Disease which has taken a huge hit on my immune system, also with the recurring bladder infections i was exposed to anti-biotics nearly every month for a solid year and a half.  

I have created this blog to document my journey along the way as I figure everything out. I am also a fashion enthusiast and book lover, So prepare for lots of that too!  

 “Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter!” – Izaak Walton” 

Ashleigh xx 

1 thought on “The Journey Begins

  1. When the heart is at ease, the body is healthy


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